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ads management

Social media 

Meet one-on-one with Niki for 90 minutes to create your custom strategy and receive specific feedback. In your 90-minute strategy session, we will create your custom marketing strategy and cover any areas you need support - TikTok, ad set-up, emails, sales, marketing, and messaging. In addition the the 1:1 you will get a month of voxer support!

INVESTMENT starting at $1,200


For the busy entrepreneur or business owner who wants an effective social media content without having to put in hours worth of research, captioning and editing. Get a detailed content each week. Delivered with all customized hooks, on screen text, captions, hashtags, and exact audio to use. 

investment Starting at $1,600 a month

Custom Content strategy

Allow me to scale your business with my secret weapon... paid ads! Our ads clients see an average of $1,000 a day in profit and 4.0-7.0 ROAS. We will handle everything from getting your account ready, setting up the ads and daily check ins! 

INVESTMENT starting at $2,500

ads management

most popular!

Let our team of experts run your socials for you! We focus on video first content and grow your visibility through writing you the best video content and managing everything from captions, to hashtags, to posting. You'll feel such a sense of relief knowing this is taken care of for you!

investment Starting at $2,500 a month

Social media management

Optimize your sales page with a new expertly written sales page for your offer. Hire our expert copywriter to rewrite and optimize your sales page or email funnel for more conversions.

investment Starting at $1,500

Sales Page or funnel

I have a brand new TikTok account and started having Niki write my TikToks for me and after just two videos on a brand new account I made a sale!

"Got my first sale after two videos!"


I was drowning, getting no views and Niki helped me see the light by teaching me TikTok! She showed me how to make more money while spending less time online  with a proper sales funnel and copywriting.  I'm forever grateful for the guidance I got from Niki and all the wisdom she taught me. I recommend Niki 1000x over!!!

"Niki seriously changed the trajectory of my business."


I'm not a huge social media person and was VERY hesitant to start TikTok. But I'm so glad I did! I now get consistent sales and have grown my email list by thousands of people!

"Niki is the TikTok queen!"


"I rarely get less than 10k views"


I rarely get less than 10,000 views using Niki's strategy and I have a brand new account. I started at 0 and now have over 25,000 followers on TikTok. 

I'm mad I didn't have this funnel set up earlier! It's hands down the best way to get leads and customers into my business.

"Niki’s strategy makes me 3k or more a day and I have several videos with over 5 million views..."


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